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New MLS “Save & Add Another Space” command

When defining Spaces in ML Schedules™ Software, Admins can now duplicate a Space record with all fields copied from the currently displayed record except the Space Name.

MLS-TechNote-AddAnotherSpaceThis feature improves the Defining Sites and Spaces process during the On-boarding process by reducing the time required to define similar spaces.

For more information, see the ML Tech Note 03 about this new Default Provider feature.

We hope you find these new ML Schedules™ software features helpful.

Please share any ideas you may have about way to improve our software by using the Contact Form.

Thanks as always for your interest.

New MLS District User Roles


ML Schedules™ Facility Use Request Software now includes Reservation Manager and Additionally Notify as two new District User Roles.

ML Schedules™ Software now includes four different roles for internal District users:

  1. Provider Admin (existing). Can now have more than one Provider Admin.
  2. Reservation Manager (new). New District role that can approve any Facility Use Request regardless of site or space.
  3. Space Approver (existing). Same as current role based on a specific site or space.
  4. Additionally Notify (new). New role with two ways for Admins to assign: Per Space or Per Event.

For more information about these important new District User Roles, pleases see ML Tech Note 02.

Thanks, as always for your trust and don’t miss the next new feature blog that reduces the time needed for Admins to define new Spaces.

New MLS “Default Provider” Account Setting

ML Schedules™ Software New Feature

Learn about the new Default Provider setting in our Tech Note.

ML Schedules™ Software users can now specify a Default Provider so a designated school district is automatically associated with your account to facilitate searching for spaces.

Note that users can still easily search another district’s spaces in the Reserve Space screen using the Space Provider drop-down menu.

For more information, see the ML Tech Note about this new Default Provider setting.

We hope you find this new feature helpful, especially as more school districts around your state sign up for ML Schedules™ Software. If you have an idea for a new feature or capabilities, we’re all ears (and eyes). Please let us know about your idea via our Contact Form.

Lights, Cameras, Demo!

ML Schedules™ Software Video Library


New ML Schedules™ Software demo videos show the most commonly used Facility Use Request procedures in 90 seconds or less.

Now you can tour some of ML Schedules™ Facility Use Request software‘s most popular procedures in 90 seconds or less with our new Video Library.

The first two videos focus on the most common procedures for software users:

  1. Creating a User Account and Group Profile
  2. Making a Facility Use Request

Both videos demonstrate how the procedure is accomplished quickly and efficiently in ML Schedules™ software.

We will be adding new videos periodically, hopefully at least once a month. The next title currently in development provides an overview of District management tools to oversee the Facility Use Request process.

Videos are available at any time from the Resources section of MasterLibrary™ Software’s website.

When you’re ready for a live demo customized to your School District’s needs, please contact us via form or phone (585-270-6676, x111).

Do you have ideas for topics of future video? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please post a comment or drop me a line.