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New ML Schedules™ Provider Admin Settings including Adult & Children Fields

To help K12 school districts capture more data on Facility Use Request forms, ML Schedules™ Software is pleased to announce immediate availability of the following new Provider Admin fields:

Additional Field Information

  1. No. of Adults
  2. Charge for Adult Admission
  3. No. of Children
  4. Charge for Child Admission
  5. Outside Company/Vendor
  6. Sponsoring Organization Name

Equiment Information

  1. Porta Potty
  2. Bleachers
  3. Light/Sound Board

Like all optional fields, ML Schedules™ Admins can opt to either Show or Hide these new fields on a district-wide basis.

See the ML Schedules™ Software Help blog for complete instructions.

Our thanks to the following school districts for suggesting these new fields:

ML Schedules™ Software Overview of Reports

Based on district requests, the developers at ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software have been busy creating a variety of report templates for various staff functions.

Currently available reports include:

  1. Equipment
  2. Revenue
  3. Summary
  4. Detail
  5. Grid
  6. Calendar
  7. One Page Per Event

View a four-page PDF with an overview of these ML Schedules™ Software reports. Then feel free to drop us a line with your ideas for other useful formats.

Filter ML Schedules™ Revenue Reports by Group

The reporting of revenue from community use fees just got a little easier for ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Use Software admins and business offices thanks to a new Group filter on the Revenue Report.

Selecting an entry from the Group filter drop-down menu narrows the search to the selected group based on date range and any other filters used.


Thanks to Trumansburg Central School District (NY) for the suggestion and look for more reporting enhancements in the coming months.


ML Schedules: New Reservation Manager Capabilities

Reservation Managers in ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software can now override the following Provider Admin settings when making a Facility Request:

  • Days Notice to Reserve
  • Days in Future Allowed

These new capabilities allow Reservation Managers to make Requests on behalf of their own or other Groups regardless of the settings made by the Provider Admin.

Thanks to Avon Central School District (NY) and Wheatland-Chili Central School District (NY) for the suggestion.

Got an idea for a new feature or enhancement in ML Schedules™ Software? We’d love to hear about it via a post to this blog or using the Contact Us form when logged into the software.