Monthly Archives: September 2016

New Group Classifications feature allows more automation options

ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software now provides school districts with the option to create and assign Group Classifications to apply customized settings including:

The simplest, most common use of Group Classifications is to delineate between internal school groups and external community groups.

  • Groups classified as Internal would not be charged space usage fees and could bypass both the district-set approval process, as well as days notice required to reserve with no insurance certification required.
  • Community Groups would be charged usage fees and held to the parameters set for approval, days required, and insurance requirements.

Below is a chart showing a more complex application of Classifications that further divides internal and external groups.


Note that Group Classifications is an option in the software; a district doesn’t need to change the way it uses the software if Classifications is not desirable. However, if a district chooses to use Group Classifications, it is recommended that they do so on a district-wide basis with Classifications applied to all spaces and users.

See the ML Schedules™ Software Help blog for complete instructions.

– Aaron Barley, MasterLibrary™ Software Product Specialist