Monthly Archives: April 2017

Automatically notify staff based on selected field

Now district staff can be automatically notified whenever a specific field in an online Facility Use Request form is selected or completed.

ML Schedules™ K12 Software already provides two different ways to automatically notify additional staff when an online Facility Use Request is approved:

  1. By any Space Approver or Admin on a submitted Facility Request form (via the Manage Request command), and;
  2. When a Request is approved at a particular space (set by Admins via the Manage Spaces command).

The software now provides a third, more granular way to automatically notify district staff about an approved Request—when any field is selected (i.e., set to Yes) or completed (e.g., text is entered in a text field).

In addition to selecting which fields notify which staff members, Admins can also vary the auto-notify email recipients by site (building).

This new features makes it easy to ensure that the correct staff member is automatically notified when a specific piece of equipment or support personnel is needed for an approved event at a specific building. For example:

  • The primary AV Technician at High School A is automatically notified whenever any AV equipment is requested for approved events at High School A.
  • The lead custodian at Elementary School D is automatically notified whenever keys are requested for any approved events in that school building.

This new feature allows districts even greater control and automation of the Facility Use process.

Thanks to the following school districts that contributed to the development of this exciting new feature:

  • Annville-Cleona School District (MI)
  • Candor Central School District (NY)
  • Kalamazoo Public Schools (MI)
  • Kenmore-Tonawanda Union Free School District (NY)
  • Lansing Public Schools (MI)
  • Millcreek Township School District (PA)
  • Moravia Central School District (NY)
  • Toms River Regional School District (NJ)
  • Wyoming Area School District (PA)

We couldn’t have done it without your input! Thanks again and we know you’ll find this new feature useful at your district.