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Block Group (manual and auto block with expired insurance)

District Admins can block Groups from submitting Facility Use Requests via ML Schedules™ Software either manually or automatically if the Group’s insurance certification has expired.

District Admins can now block Groups from submitting Facility Use Requests via ML Schedules™ Software in one of two ways:

  1. Manually (e.g., if a Group has an outstanding balance or has damaged equipment in the past), or;
  2. Automatically if the Group’s insurance certification has expired.

The automatic setting is made by the District Admin on a district-wide level based on the Group’s Classification (i.e., one that requires an insurance certificate).

A note can be placed on Groups that are manually blocked alerting other district staff as to the reason they were blocked.

Linked Multiple Space Requests for One Event for easier management

ML Schedules™ Software allows Space Approvers and District Admins to easily and quickly respond to multiple space Requests for a single event.

Responding to and managing Facility Use Requests for multiple spaces for the same event can be cumbersome and time-consuming. For example, a single Spirit Week event may require the High School gym, cafeteria, auditorium and concession stand—each with their own support staff and equipment needs.

ML Schedules™ Software makes it easier than ever for Space Approvers and District Admins to manage Multiple Space Requests for the same event with a mass response to each Request.

Using a pick list, authorized staff can select which requests can have a mass response while selecting others to respond to individually (e.g., approve 3 out of 4 spaces but deny the fourth request).

Thanks to all the districts that suggested this idea. Learn more by viewing the ML Schedules Benefits web page.

New Active Directory integration speeds district user setup and increases security

It’s easier than ever to setup district user accounts and ensure valid login credentials by integrating ML Schedules™ Software with Microsoft® Active Directory®.

Districts can greatly speed up the new district user account process while ensuring login credential validation with ML Schedules™ Software’s integration with Active Directory.

The integration uses standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and is super easy to setup with two easy one-time procedures usually performed by the district’s IT representative.

User names can then be selected for import from Active Directory to our facility request software where roles can easily be assigned.

Once the new district accounts are created, the software uses the password stored in Active Directory to authenticate the user’s login request.

Read more about Active Directory integration on our website.

Our thanks to all the school districts that suggested this integration and especially to Annville-Cleona School District (PA) for their assistance in implementing this new capability.

New “Yes/No with Required Notes” custom field type

New “Yes/No with Required Notes” custom field type can be used in any online Facility Use Request form by space(s).

In addition to Numeric, Text and Yes/No, ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software now provides a fourth custom field type: Yes/No with Required Notes.

This new custom field type was designed to force the Requestor to provide additional information if Yes is selected for a field. For example:

Unlock Door #1? (Enter time to be unlocked in the required Note field.)

Note that the system will not accept the Request form if Yes is selected but no text is entered in the Notes field.

Thanks to Metropolitan SD of Warren Township (IN) for the suggestion and we hope other districts also find this new custom field type useful.

Require 50% deposit for approved Facility Requests

ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software now allows school districts to require a 50% deposit on approved events that are greater than or equal to a set number of hours.

Set by District Admins, an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the event Requestor when this new district-wide setting is enabled.

Thanks to the following school districts for suggesting this new feature:

Require Contract Signature To Submit A Request

Districts can now mandate that its Contract be signed digitally before a user can submit a Facility Use Request online. This feature is in addition to the current Terms and Conditions capability.

School districts can now require that a contract be electronically signed by all users who submit Facility Use Requests using ML Schedules™ Software.

Once an ML Schedules™ Admin enables the district-wide Contract feature, a digital signature field will be displayed at the bottom of the district’s Request forms that can be signed using a mouse (desktop or laptop), fingertip or stylus (tablet).

Once the field is signed, the Submit request button will become functional (i.e., displays for selecting). The district’s Contract terms can be viewed via a link just above the digital signature field.

Note: In addition to a Contract, District Admins also have the ability to upload a separate Terms and Conditions file that a user must agree to before a Facility Use Request can be submitted.