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Automatically send a Contract PDF to a Group Manager when their Request has been approved

District Admins can now select a district-wide setting that automatically sends a Contract PDF to the Group Manager upon Request approval for signature and return prior to the event being held.

ML Schedules™ Software allows districts to automatically send a Contract PDF for a Group Manager’s signature with the email notification that is sent to a user upon approval of a Facility Use Request.

This Contract PDF includes:

  1. The District’s Contract Booking Details
  2. An itemized list of Facility Usage fees to be charged based on the Group Classification
  3. An itemized list of fees for requested support equipment and personnel
  4. The District’s Contract Terms
  5. Signature lines for the Requester and Facility Use Coordinator signifying agreement to all terms, conditions and estimated fees.

The text for items 1 and 4 is entered in the District Admin screen which can only be accessed by users assigned the District Admin role.  Instructions for the Requester to sign and return the Contract PDF are included in the Contract Booking Field found in the District Admin screen.

Below is a sample Contract PDF as sent from ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software.

A sample Contract PDF sent to a Group Manager upon Request approval. The Manager needs to sign and return the contract to hold the scheduled event.

New Manage Users screen saves District Admins time and effort

ML Schedules™ Software’s Manage Users screen makes it easy for District Admins to find district users with a Role for editing or deleting a user account.

While ML Schedules™ Software offers flexible, powerful Roles and building-based Permissions to be assigned to district staff, it’s also easy for District Admins to manage users including changing these settings.

In addition to searching for district users with a role, Admins can also use this screen to display an index of all users from the District’s Active Directory account to easily assign or revise Roles and Permissions for district users.