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New ML Schedule™ Default Approval Paths by Building make system setup easier than ever

ML Schedules™ Software's new Facility Use Request default approval paths by building

ML Schedules™ Software’s new Facility Request default approval paths by building (site) reduces system setup time while providing further automation of the process.

ML Schedules™ K12 Software makes it easier than ever to setup sites and spaces with a new Default Approval Path by Building feature for submitted Facility Use Requests.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The District Admin enters a default approval path for each building during system setup.
  2. All spaces associated with that building will have the default approval path pre-populated in the Manage Space screen.
  3. The pre-populated default approval paths can be changed on a space-specific basis if needed.

The feature works the same for districts that use Group Classifications but with the additional ability to customize the building default path by Classification.

Lastly, the software also provides the ability to override the default paths when needed based on the user’s assigned Role(s).

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12 powerful standard Invoicing features of ML Schedules™ Software

ML Schedules™ Software's powerful Invoicing and payment features save time and improve cost recovery initiatives.

ML Schedules™ Software’s powerful Invoicing and payment features save time and improve cost recovery initiatives.

One of the feature sets that sets ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software apart from the crowd is its powerful but easy-to-use Invoicing and Payment capabilities.

Designed to save district Business Office staff tons of time each week, these features also aid cost recovery initiatives that help offset operational expenses.

Here are the Top 12 Invoicing features in ML Schedules™ Software that every district should have:

  1. Invoice by Group Classifications so invoices are only to select Groups (i.e., none for internal district groups; only send to community for-profit groups).
  2. Enter custom facility use and support equipment and staff fees for use in invoices.
  3. Online payments accepted via district PayPal account.
  4. Automatic email notification with invoice sent to Requester with copies to Business Office and other designated staff.
  5. Bulk invoicing allows billing of multiple events to the same Group from a single screen (e.g., bill recurring events monthly).
  6. Choose to automatically invoice before an event (i.e., upon approved Facility Use Request) instead of after.
  7. Automatically invoice a 50% deposit on Request approval.
  8. Enter custom text that appears on all district Facility Request invoices.
  9. Edit an invoice prior to sending manually.
  10. Mark an invoice as paid.
  11. Ability to resend invoices if any fees need to be added after the event (i.e. damages).
  12. Flexible Revenue Reports with flexible date and invoice/payment status filters to easily track invoiced and to-be-invoiced fees.

ML Schedules™ Software’s easy-to-use Revenue Reports include flexible filters to easily find just the financial data you need.

For  more information about these capabilities, refer to the ML Schedules™ Software Help Center and search “invoicing.”

If your district doesn’t subscribe to ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software, please contact us at 585.270.6676, x112 for a demo customized to your district’s unique needs.