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Announcing ML Schedules™ direct integration with ScheduleGalaxy™ Athletic League Software

Get your NYS school district’s athletic league scheduling on the same page as your Facility Use Request system with direct integration of ML Schedules™ and ScheduleGalaxy™ Software.

A simple, one-time procedure provides real-time updates from the athletic league application to ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software. Approved practices and games appear, if desired, on event calendars embedded in a district website.

The result is improved communications, more efficient processes, and increased satisfaction among district staff, students and parents, and community members. Learn more by viewing this one-page PDF.

Contact us if you’d like more information about this exciting new direct integration.

New ML Work Orders™ K12 Facilities Maintenance Software now available


MasterLibrary™ Construction and Facilities Software announced the release of its cloud-based ML Work Orders™ K12 Facility Maintenance Software today at the 2016 NYS School Facilities Association (FSA) Annual Conference.

Developed specifically for smaller school districts that are using paper forms and spreadsheets, ML Work Orders™ Software is a secure cloud-based system that dramatically reduces the time required for district staff to request, approve, complete and manage this critical process.

Read the media release or visit the ML Work Orders™ Software website for more information.

A Study in Savings: N. Syracuse Central School District


North Syracuse Central School District saved an estimated $33,000 of operating costs in its first year using ML Schedules™ Community Facility Use Software.

It’s back-to-school season in New York State and while K12 school districts are busy getting ready for new and returning students in the next few weeks, one district is already ahead of the class when it comes to improving operating efficiencies and increasing community satisfaction.

Estimated savings of $33,000 after first year of use
As an early beta user and the first subscriber of MasterLibrary™ ML Schedules™ Community Facility Use Request Software, North Syracuse Central School District (NSCSD) has realized estimated savings of more than $33,000 in the first year of continuous use based on staff labor cost alone.

Other NSCSD benefits of software use have included:

  • Improved facility staff knowledge and control of available spaces;
  • Increased community user satisfaction with secure 24/7 system access, and;
  • Improved staff satisfaction by eliminating drudgery of managing community Facility Use Requests.

We’ve been getting great response to ML Schedules™ software throughout the state. See the North Syracuse CSD Case Study to learn how they automated this time-consuming process quickly, easily and at an affordable price.

MasterLibrary™ Software extends a special note of gratitude to Jon Ward, North Syracuse CSD’s Facilities Director, for his confidence in our ability to solve his problem while providing vital guidance on ML Schedules™ features.

To all our District clients (and their architects and CMs), best of luck with the 2015/16 academic year and we hope to hear from you soon.

Improve efficiency for K-12 School Districts by automating Community Facility-Use-Requests

Painless implementation, easy to use and affordable solution

On behalf of MasterLibrary™ Software, I am pleased to announce the official release of our newest title, ML Schedules™ Community Facility Use Request Software developed to increase efficiency at K12 School Districts.


ML Schedules™ software automates community Facility Use Requests for K–12  School Districts to bring real-time benefits to staff and District residents.

ML Schedules™ software harnesses the power of secure, real-time, cloud-based computing to automate the laborious and time-consuming tasks associated with approving and managing community Facility Use Requests to:

  • Virtually eliminate the labor required to process and manage community Facility Use Requests.
  • Improve the process by eliminating overbooking and maximizing use of available spaces.
  • Increase district management and staff, and community user satisfaction.

Features of ML Schedules™ software include:

  • Easy to use for both District staff and community users
  • Live, real-time entry, notification and reporting
  • Efficient process captures data once to eliminate data entry
  • Flexibility to meet specific needs of different Districts and community groups
  • Affordable price with fast Return On Investment

If you’re an ML Projects™ user that is either at a School District or has one as a client, please visit our website for more information about this exciting new product that takes the drudgery and waste out of community Facility Use Requests.

Founded on the needs of Construction and Facility Management professionals

MasterLibrary™ Software was built around the premise of harnessing the power of real-time, cloud-based computing to solve real-world issues facing the Construction and Facility Management industries. More specifically, we wanted to:

  • Improve collaboration among owners, architects, engineers, and contractors
  • Increase efficiency during all phases of a project
  • Provide an affordable price point for small- and mid-sized organizations

clock-roundML Projects™ Construction Administration Software was designed over 20 years around the practical and operational issues faced by a technology consulting company, Archi-Technology, with which some ML Projects™ users may be familiar. The need to sync the efforts of these professions during the Plan, Design and Construct phases of a project—whether new build or renovate—drove the collaborative features of the cloud-based application.

icon-binder-round-lgML Binders™ Facility and Systems Documentation Software extends that reach to the Manage phase by allowing architects and contractors to hand over fully-electronic As Built drawings and documentation including project history files and O&M manuals. Data can be linked to a specific device via a printed QR code for instant access by maintenance and service staff.

We are pleased to extend the power of the cloud to owners, facility managers and community users with ML Schedules software that continues to improve based on real-world District feedback.

Q. Do you have any ideas about how to improve an existing ML Schedules™ feature or a recommended new one? We’d love to hear from you via this blog or an email.

Thanks for your time and have a great August, wherever it finds you.