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New Manage Users screen saves District Admins time and effort

ML Schedules™ Software’s Manage Users screen makes it easy for District Admins to find district users with a Role for editing or deleting a user account.

While ML Schedules™ Software offers flexible, powerful Roles and building-based Permissions to be assigned to district staff, it’s also easy for District Admins to manage users including changing these settings.

In addition to searching for district users with a role, Admins can also use this screen to display an index of all users from the District’s Active Directory account to easily assign or revise Roles and Permissions for district users.

New Active Directory integration speeds district user setup and increases security

It’s easier than ever to setup district user accounts and ensure valid login credentials by integrating ML Schedules™ Software with Microsoft® Active Directory®.

Districts can greatly speed up the new district user account process while ensuring login credential validation with ML Schedules™ Software’s integration with Active Directory.

The integration uses standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and is super easy to setup with two easy one-time procedures usually performed by the district’s IT representative.

User names can then be selected for import from Active Directory to our facility request software where roles can easily be assigned.

Once the new district accounts are created, the software uses the password stored in Active Directory to authenticate the user’s login request.

Read more about Active Directory integration on our website.

Our thanks to all the school districts that suggested this integration and especially to Annville-Cleona School District (PA) for their assistance in implementing this new capability.