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New “Additional Charges” fields available to apply to Facility Use Requests

New Additional Charges field allows customized fees to easily be added to any submitted Facility Use Request.

Have you ever wanted to apply an Additional Charge to a submitted Facility Use Request without having to setup a custom field in ML Schedules™ Software?

With our new Additional Charge feature, District Admins can easily create an Additional Charge category (e.g, Microphone Fee or Custodial Fee) and then apply that category to a submitted Facility Use Request.

Additional Charges are calculated based on three Admin-entered variables:

  • Quantity
  • Hours
  • Rate

Admins can change these variables on the fly. Entries made to a Request are specific to that instance and can be changed for another Request.

Thanks to all our school district subscribers who provided valuable input for the development of this new feature!