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Easily schedule district team practices and games with the new Athletic Director role

ML Schedules Software new Athletic Director role

ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software new Athletic Director role allows ADs and their assistants to schedule sports team practices and games easily and quickly.

Put your district’s sports teams’ schedules on the same page as the rest of your Facility Requests with ML Schedules™ Software new Athletic Director role. Highlights of this often-requested major new feature are:

  • Ability of District Admins to assign a new Athletic Director (AD) role to internal district staff.
  • Ability of assigned ADs to easily and quickly enter all sports teams’ practice and game schedules.
  • New “Flexible Request” option that facilitates scheduling practices or games that occur at either different spaces or with irregular frequency.

See the ML Schedules™ Software Help blog for complete instructions.

New “On Hold” Status for District Staff with Approval Permission

One often-requested feature now available in the January ML Schedules™ Facility Use Request Software release is an “On Hold” status available to District staff assigned Approver, Reservation Manager or Admin roles.


District approvers can now put a Facility Use Request on hold until the Group Manager provides any missing required information.

The new status is designed to allow District staff to get missing documentation or other information from a Group Manager prior to formally approving a Facility Use Request. When a Request is set to On Hold, the requested space will appear as “Not Available” in the public display view if that feature is enabled at the District level.

District approvers who place a Request On Hold can specify what information is required to approve the Request via a comment field in the Reservation Information (details) screen which is automatically sent to the Group Manager along with notification of the On Hold status.

Once the Group Manager has submitted the necessary information via ML Schedules™ Software, authorized District staff can the remove the Hold and Approve (or Decline) the Facility Use Request.

For more information about using the new On Hold status, please consult Tech Note 08, New District Features, which also describes seven other new capabilities in our January software release.

Then return to this blog regularly over the next few weeks to learn about more new features that make ML Schedules™ Facility Use Software an easy, affordable way to improve operational efficiency at your School District.

As always, we welcome your feedback to this blog as well as suggestions for new features and enhancements. Thanks as always and enjoy the upcoming weekend.

New MLS District User Roles


ML Schedules™ Facility Use Request Software now includes Reservation Manager and Additionally Notify as two new District User Roles.

ML Schedules™ Software now includes four different roles for internal District users:

  1. Provider Admin (existing). Can now have more than one Provider Admin.
  2. Reservation Manager (new). New District role that can approve any Facility Use Request regardless of site or space.
  3. Space Approver (existing). Same as current role based on a specific site or space.
  4. Additionally Notify (new). New role with two ways for Admins to assign: Per Space or Per Event.

For more information about these important new District User Roles, pleases see ML Tech Note 02.

Thanks, as always for your trust and don’t miss the next new feature blog that reduces the time needed for Admins to define new Spaces.