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New ML Schedule™ Default Approval Paths by Building make system setup easier than ever

ML Schedules™ Software's new Facility Use Request default approval paths by building

ML Schedules™ Software’s new Facility Request default approval paths by building (site) reduces system setup time while providing further automation of the process.

ML Schedules™ K12 Software makes it easier than ever to setup sites and spaces with a new Default Approval Path by Building feature for submitted Facility Use Requests.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The District Admin enters a default approval path for each building during system setup.
  2. All spaces associated with that building will have the default approval path pre-populated in the Manage Space screen.
  3. The pre-populated default approval paths can be changed on a space-specific basis if needed.

The feature works the same for districts that use Group Classifications but with the additional ability to customize the building default path by Classification.

Lastly, the software also provides the ability to override the default paths when needed based on the user’s assigned Role(s).

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