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ML Schedules: New Reservation Manager Capabilities

Reservation Managers in ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software can now override the following Provider Admin settings when making a Facility Request:

  • Days Notice to Reserve
  • Days in Future Allowed

These new capabilities allow Reservation Managers to make Requests on behalf of their own or other Groups regardless of the settings made by the Provider Admin.

Thanks to Avon Central School District (NY) and Wheatland-Chili Central School District (NY) for the suggestion.

Got an idea for a new feature or enhancement in ML Schedules™ Software? We’d love to hear about it via a post to this blog or using the Contact Us form when logged into the software.

Date Filters available for Reservation summary screens

Group Managers, District Admins and Reservation Managers of ML Schedules™ Software can select a date range in which to view Facility Requests that are approved, pending or declined.

Group Managers will find the Start and End Date Range fields on the My Reservations screen.

District Admins and Reservation Managers will find the fields on the Manage Reservations screen.

By default, the Start Date is today’s date and the End Date is set for 30 days from today.

See the ML Schedules™ Software Help blog for complete instructions.

Reserve Events on Blocked Dates

ML Schedules™ Software Admins and Reservation Managers can now reserve spaces on blocked dates such as a school club practice.

See the ML Schedules™ Software Help blog for complete instructions.


New MLS District User Roles


ML Schedules™ Facility Use Request Software now includes Reservation Manager and Additionally Notify as two new District User Roles.

ML Schedules™ Software now includes four different roles for internal District users:

  1. Provider Admin (existing). Can now have more than one Provider Admin.
  2. Reservation Manager (new). New District role that can approve any Facility Use Request regardless of site or space.
  3. Space Approver (existing). Same as current role based on a specific site or space.
  4. Additionally Notify (new). New role with two ways for Admins to assign: Per Space or Per Event.

For more information about these important new District User Roles, pleases see ML Tech Note 02.

Thanks, as always for your trust and don’t miss the next new feature blog that reduces the time needed for Admins to define new Spaces.