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ML Schedules™ Software: New Inactivate and Delete Space commands

ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software Admins now have the ability to either inactivate or delete a space associated with a site, Both commands appear as buttons on the Edit Space screen accessible from the Admin > Manage Spaces command.

See the ML Schedules™ Software Help blog for complete instructions.

Our thanks to Dover Union Free School District for the idea.

New MLS “Save & Add Another Space” command

When defining Spaces in ML Schedules™ Software, Admins can now duplicate a Space record with all fields copied from the currently displayed record except the Space Name.

MLS-TechNote-AddAnotherSpaceThis feature improves the Defining Sites and Spaces process during the On-boarding process by reducing the time required to define similar spaces.

For more information, see the ML Tech Note 03 about this new Default Provider feature.

We hope you find these new ML Schedules™ software features helpful.

Please share any ideas you may have about way to improve our software by using the Contact Form.

Thanks as always for your interest.